My life partner and I live in the most central location of Madrid. If you are a tourist, this is where you would want to stay. The most popular postcard picture of Madrid shows our very street. So after moving to this nice two bedroom apartment in a place “where everything happens” and all attractions are within walking distance, we decided to Airbnb the guest room. Two days after our first publication, the whole month was already booked. Two weeks later, the following month as well.

Ever since we started with Airbnb in August 2016, it has been quite an experience so far. From adorable guests to people demanding more than what the Airbnb deal is about. If I partied til late with my partner on Friday and want to spend Saturday in bed watching movies, I think it’s our right to do that. We are still reachable all the time. What if we want to spend the weekend away and trust you with our apartment? Some people feel it’s not enough to stay in a nice apartment in a nice neighborhood, with a full equipped kitchen, hosts who want you to feel at home and having paid less than a regular hotel room. They demand full time live entertainment from you. Of course if you come on a weekend and we’re not around all the time, we won’t bond, but we are trusting our home with you and we too have lives.

After all, the whole purpose of Airbnb is for the both of us to feel at home 😛

I am more introvert than my partner when it comes to small talks. However, while I am here either hanging out or even working on the computer, you can talk to me as much as you want, sit on the couch, read a book, eat on the living room table, talk to your company, watch Gran Via by the window; all I want is that you feel at home. I actually enjoy very much this activity in my house. It gives it this alive and happy atmosphere. I just want you to understand that we might not be 100% physically present on some weekends (yet totally reachable).

Here’s our Airbnb profile: https://www.airbnb.es/rooms/14528595?sug=50

You are more than welcome to stay with us in Madrid!