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Dining is so personal. I will jot down a few suggestions and I hope you find it useful. You don’t need to necessarily go to those places as there are many restaurants in Madrid  and you might even find some other great findings in your walkabouts. If you do, please share those with me and I will update the website. 😉

Nevertheless, it’s always good to have those jokers in hand because food in Madrid is not cheap. Even a Kebab will cost you at least 5€. Madrid is not the typical place where you can walk around looking for a “cheap place to eat” to settle. This search may endup in a not so cheap restaurant after 3 hours of walking around. Hehe

Parrilla (De María)


This is a chain of Argentinian grill restaurants all over the city center. I absolutely love it! If you ask for the “bar menu”, you can have a full 3 course for 10€ or 12,50€ (Argentinian sausage “chorizo” or empanada, a delicious steak with a side dish, desert, a drink and bread with a yummy chimichurri sauce). This restaurant is a gem!

*It’s real dining. The restaurants are beautiful.

El Tigre y El Respiro


Both El Tigre and El Respiro are the typical Madrileño bar. People drink and eat standing and food is free with the drinks you order. The tapas get better with the following drink rounds and so on. They serve very generous portions of food. Both bars are in the Chueca neighboord (really close to Lisa’s place) and the staff is super friendly.

*Go there prepared to have your drinks and food standing, like Madrileños do.

Museo del Jamon


It’s another chain of stores all over the city. You can get a big prosciutto, cheese and olive oil sandwich for 2€. All ingredients are high quality and tasty. In Madrid it doesn’t get any better than that in terms of eating on a budget. Even a caña (draft beer) at those places is very cheap.

*A sandwich to go or to eat in place.

100 montaditos


You’ll find more 100 Montaditos restaurants than genuine Madrileños on the streets of Madrid. Montadito is a miniature sandwich with several varieties of ingredients. Today they have 100 different combinations of this snack. On Wednesdays and Sundays they have a special of 1€ per montadito and per beer.

*It’s a nice place but don’t take your wife there if you are travelling for your anniversary. Take her somewhere a little more romantic. 😉


  • 100 Montaditos: All over Madrid
  • Parrilla (De María):
  • Museo del Jamon: All over Madrid
  • El Respiro: Calle de las Infantas, 34, 28004 Madrid
  • El Tigre: Calle de las Infantas, 23, 28004 Madrid

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