Madrid in a few words

Madrid is all about WALKING. So even though you plan to go to a particular destination in town, try to enjoy every single detail of the journey. Madrid is about appreciating its peculiar and beautiful architecture and its adorable little streets. It’s about noticing how good looking people are in this town. It’s a happy city! And beautiful! How not to be amazed by the sharp roof tops of churches everywhere? What about the bluest sky in Europe? And finally, you’ll be in awe when you see the spectacle of the sunlight beams between the buildings of the city. These things you will only see if you are sightseeing on foot.


You know what’s also very nice about Madrid? All that “matters” for tourism sake is concentrated in the city center. So if you are lodged in the Center, you’ll be within walking distance from 90% of the attractions (except for the Bernabeo Stadium, the airport itself and the bullfighting thing in Ventas that I can think of).

As a foreigner, I don’t think that the local gastronomy of Madrid is great. I must say it’s not one of its strengthes.  I talk a little about Madrid food in another post, in case you are interested.

I am positive you will have a great time here. Bring your most comfortable shoes and have fun! 🙂

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